A laverock's nest

Ma bit is like a nest tae me

an me a kin o laverock be

for ordnar here ma life A dree

but nous an thans tak flicht an sing

ma poesie

A makar’s retiral

A want ti retire for ti rise at daw

an enjoy the day or the nicht sall faa

wi ma wuts thair lane that A fin the day

no a thocht ava dae A want ti hae

nor ti think on wirds that wad speak the thocht

nor ti warsle wi baith till a poem’s wrocht

but the morn-cum-neer A’ll evite ti clark

for thochts an thair wirds is the makar’s wark

fae the day o birth ti the day o daith

fae the first o aynds ti the hinmaist braith

for ma myn at rest an ma vyce stane-dum,

ma retiral waits on ma en day cum